The olives oil cooperatives on territory

The Cooperative Retia

The agricultural area in the province of Treviso dedicated to olive growing is contained in approximately 600 hectares, but observed a positive trend of constant development.
Being a young industry, also manifests the traits of an experience in becoming with signs of approximations techniques that, in part, are not entirely remedied.

In order to cope with the difficulties expressed, related to the development of the sector, is born the desire to constitute a new subject, organized in agricultural cooperative, to seize the instances and give way to the expectations of a part of the locals olive growers oriented toward innovation and the constant search for advanced prospects for quality.

The new oil mill was therefore designed by drawing on the experience already gained in the territorial context by introducing on this level of knowledge, the most evolved system of Elaiotecnica (a technique that is used for the processing of olives and aimed at the production of oil) and a model of respect for the environment and use of available resources.

Cooperativa Reitia

Cooperativa Reitia
Via Cal Alta, 57
31012 Cappella Maggiore (TV)
Tel. +39 0438 930221
Cell. +39 377 4143149

Cooperativa olearia Reitia

The Cooperative Tapa Olearia

With Tapa Olearia we want to lead you to the discovery the extra virgin olive oil of Treviso’s hills and the D.O.P. “Veneto del Grappa”. We want to transmit our passion for things done as they should, rediscovering genuine flavors and authentic suggestions. We are sure to involve you, among the colors and the perfumes of the landscape of our province, rich in history, nature and culture.

A history with ancient roots, is at the basis of the current diffusion of olive-growing in the hills of Treviso, today one of the strengths points of the recovery environment and landscape in our province.

The extra virgin olive oil of the Pedemontana Trevigiana is controlled and guaranteed by the TAPA OLEARIA at all stages of production (supply chain) from olives harvesting, pressing and packaging, and is marketed directly.

Tapa Olearia

Cooperativa Tapa Olearia
Via Decumana, 22
31034 Cavaso del Tomba (TV)
Tel. +39 0423 562517
Fax. +39 0423 943255

Cooperativa Tapa Olearia