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Parco Grotte del Caglieron

The Grotte del Caglieron are located in Breda, a hamlet in Fregona, Treviso.

The complex consists of a series of cavities, part of which are of artificial origin and part of natural origin; for the natural part, it is a deep gorge incised by the Caglieron stream on alternating layers of calcareous conglomerate, sandstone and marl of the Middle Miocene (from 16 to 10 million years ago).

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Cansiglio Forest

The Cansiglio, a plateau of Carniche Prealps placed between the provinces of Treviso, Belluno and Pordenone, stands with its outer slopes above the south and east of the Veneto and Friuli plain, while to the north it is bounded by the region of Alpago and to the northeast by the mountain group of the Cavallo; finally, at the west, the Val Lapisina separates it from the Col Visentin.

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A road that climbs, through stone villages perched on rolling hills. Clearings and pastures, the wood, the magic of the gorge. The human signs, the history and the arts. A surprising wine. Life is good here, really.


Discover the food and wine products of the territory among which cheeses, DOC and DOCG wines and much more.


Wonderful adventures are waiting for you along the Fregona paths, climbing to Cansiglio, Monte Pizzoc and Visentin.


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