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Opening hours Thursday and Friday from 14.30 to 18:00
  Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 18.00
Contacts Veneto Agricoltura headquarters of Pian Cansiglio tel. +39 0438 581757
  Associazione Culturale Cimbri del Cansiglio  mobile +39 333 3513668 – email: francescoazzalini@libero.it

From the last Sunday of May to the last of September, but openings can be managed on request for schools and groups. In case of large groups, it is however appropriate to give advance notice even during the normal opening period.

The Veneto Agriculture Regional Museum of Man in Cansiglio (MUC) is located in Pian Osteria, in the town of Tambre (BL), in the Cansiglio Regional Forest.

The building was built at the beginning of the 1950s and was used as the headquarters of primary schools for children from all over the plateau and to host families of employees of the State Forestry Corps who managed, until the end of the 1970s, the Venetian part of the forest.
In the 70s, with the aid of the Cimbrian community of Cansiglio, the Forestry Corps began a collection of documents, artifacts and work tools.

The Museum was inaugurated in 1975 and due to the passage of the Forestry Property from the State to the Regions, in 1997 the Museum was moved to the Veneto Region which entrusted its management to Veneto Agriculture.

Renovated in 2004, the Museum is currently dedicated to Dr. Anna Vieceli, executive of the Naturalistic Education Sector of Veneto Agriculture, who died prematurely, and is spread over two floors.
The Museum shows the presence of Man in Cansiglio over the centuries, highlighting how the current situation is the result of a series of interactions between ecological and anthropic factors. The exhibition presents a complete overview of the human presence in Cansiglio starting from Prehistory, with the findings dated from the Palaeolithic up to the present day.

The Property

The museum, which is constantly improving, has several sections, following a chronological path starting from the ground floor to continue in the rooms on the first floor and complete again on the ground floor.

On the ground floor

  • meeting and conference room with multimedia supports
  • a large-scale model of the Cansiglio and its environment
  • an archaeological section for the Palaeolithic with lithic finds and the palaeobotany of Cansiglio with two very rare finds on exhibition, spruce and larch trunks found in the excavations of the Palughetto peat bog.

On the first floor

  • an archaeological section for the Mesolithic with lithic finds
  • a brief mention of the Roman period and the Middle Ages
  • a section dedicated to the Most Serene Republic of Venice with the reconstruction of a galley oar of about 10m, a model of a galley, a border term from 1660 and the reproduction of other documents of the period (Cansiglio map of the end of the 18th century, decrees of Council of X of 1548, part of the forest register of 1638 and others)
  • a section dedicated to forestry activities, with a model of “stua” for the inland navigation of the timber, a model of a Venetian saw, a model of the “Alpine engine” and a mid-19th century travois, work tools
  • a section dedicated to biodiversity

Again, on the ground floor

  • the production of oars for the Venetian arsenal
  • the Cimbri in Cansiglio