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Change to traffic 24 -25 August 2024

August 25 @ 8:00 18:00

24 and 25 August from 08:00 to 18:00 the road to Fregona will be closed for a car race, from km 32+000 (town hall) to km 40+350 (Valsalega).

Caglieron caves and restaurants in Piai and Breda accessible via compulsory detour from Vittorio Veneto to S.P. 151 via Coste Rive.

Grotte del Caglieron

They chase the silence of the dark looking for emptiness. They dig the spaces to seek peace in a moment when, it seems, they have thought to stop. Then they fall into the race, inevitably, following a direction, from west to east and finally deviate to the south; they will end up in the plain, in the Carron stream. Meanwhile they dig, looking for the perfect place to hide a surreal world, between the light of day and the night of the caves. A rock universe to be created over millions of years due to river erosion, karst processes, calcite encrustations … This way, the waters of the Caglieron stream crossed the rocky gates of the Costa di Fregona, digging a gorge, a water gap, to slip in and create their own fantastic world, locked for a stretch by meters of travertine encrustations and recently extended by man’s excavation. They are the playroom of the waters before ending up on the plain. They are the “Grotte del Caglieron”.

Author Università degli Studi di Padova – Dipartimento di geoscienza
Pages 49
Price € 3,00
Shipping + € 3,00

La Foresta Scritta

The current research was born from a teamwork that lasted for years, edited mainly by Pietro Fain, Mario Cosmo, Franco Dal Cin, Franco Bastianon, with individually indicated collaborations, both for field research and for the research activities in the archives.

“This is the anastatic reprint of the 2013 edition with only a few corrections not to the text but to the” bureaucratic “incipit due to various events that occurred meanwhile. The Pro Loco of Fregona, in accordance with the authors, has decided this initiative to satisfy the frequent requests about the book that are still coming seven years after its publication, decreeing a success higher than expected by the authors at the time. I hope this will contribute to new studies and to a more respectful and aware tourism in Cansiglio”

Francesca Bertolin, President of Pro Loco Fregona

“On behalf of all the authors, I thank the Pro Loco of Fregona for this action. In the meantime, other terms have been discovered and the authors have deepened their research, therefore a new edition would probably be a quite different book, but for this we have time, in the meanwhile we suggest this faithful reproduction of the first edition to further spread the knowledge of the naturalistic and historical jewel that is the Cansiglio wood”

Franco Bastianon

Author Mario Cosmo, Franco Dal Cin, Franco Bastianon, Piero Fain Moreno Baccichet, Pier Franco Uliana Toio de Savorgnani
Pages 195
Price € 20,00
Shipping + € 3,00

Castello di Piai

As if, actually, man could not preserve an equanimity, if time, that everything steals, wasn’t forced by the power of history to give back what he has stolen”
“ …, this publishing contributes to renew the historical and social memory of our community, to raise awareness, especially to the younger generations about that segment of history characterized by the presence of the powerful Da Camino family in Fregona and specifically the ruins that testify it…”

Laura Buso, ex mayor of Fregona

“…To facilitate the understanding of what remains on the site, we decided to create this book, entrusting the writing to an experienced hand…”

Francesca Bertolin, President of Pro Loco Fregona

Author Laura Rossetto
Pages 59
Price € 5,00
Shipping + € 3,00

Il Cansiglio – dal 1548 al 1699

“Which (flat) is called the Cansiglio, here you can see a lawn similar to a theatre, two thousand in length on each side, so vague for the multitude of trees, that there is no certain equal inequality surrounding them, which seems to be been more quickly situated by art than produced by nature”

Author Franco Bastianon
Pages 402
Price € 20,00
Shipping + € 3,00

L’anno d’invasione a Fregona

“The text relates the vicissitudes that involved Fregona a hundred years ago, humiliated by the enemy occupation, through archival and bibliographic evidence collected over several years and reordered with historiographical criteria, passion and abundance of details by the author.”

Francesca Bertolin, President of Pro Loco di Fregona

Author Oscar De Zorzi
Pages 275
Price € 22,00
Shipping + € 3,00

Tamiseri e Scatoleri Cimbri in Cansiglio nell’800

…”Tamiseri and Scatoleri” is clearly indicative of a different research as it examines, through the documents, the relations connected to the handicraft activity, because they were not woodmen, but real small family-run companies. Each member of the family had…”

Lino Azzalini, President

Author Franco Bastianon
Pages 496
Price € 20,00
Shipping + € 3,00

Legno e pietra

If “words are stones”, may the opposite also be true? Can stones be translated into words and tell us lives and traditions as if they were tombstones, totems, epitaphs, or historical graffiti? The language of stones is not, or at least not only, an ethnographic, cultural and architectural fact. It is primarily a message of the heart, which invests the depth of emotions and shakes arcane harmonies and ancestral shadows of memory. The stones exude labours, wars, projects and their now collapsed piles commemorate the ineffable human adventure. And so, right through these stones, are born the agricultural buildings that adorn our territory and to which this book wants to be a humble homage.

Author Michela Pizzol Giacomini
Pages /
Price € 15,00
Shipping + € 3,00

Lezioni di spiedo d’Alta Marca

The Accademia dello Spiedo d’Alta Marca intends to summarize in this book, dedicated to the Spiedo d’Alta Marca with its ingredients, side dishes and the various cooking technical components, the considerable studies, testimony, researches generated over the years. In addition to most of the material used during the several “courses for menarosti”, organized annually by the Academy itself.

Author Accademia dello Spiedo d’Alta Marca
Pages 208
Price € 15,00
Shipping + € 3,00

I nomi di luogo di Fregona

“In this research are investigated the toponyms of Fregona, a municipality that provides widespread marginal areas that haven’t undergone any disruption or any significant settlement change, except for the areas near the villages and for the quarries of Pizzoc, Jere and Ciser which has violated the cliffs of great landscape value, leaving you … ”

Pier Franco Uliana

“Recurrent are the earth and the human activity who respects it, the union with nature, respect and the reciprocity that unites them. As well as is our dialect which characterizes the vast majority of these place names which sometimes, with just the sound, sends us and makes us understand the value of this connection”

Patrizio Chies, mayor of Fregona

Author Pier Franco Uliana
Pages 105
Price € 10,00
Shipping + € 3,00

Il cammino di Verde

The novel is about the life of Rizzardo VI, the last of the Da Camino di Sopra family with whom the dynasty became extinct, and of his beloved wife Verde della Scala. We are at the beginning of the fourteenth century. Thanks to a meticulous work, almost maniacal, of historical research based on the consulting of original documents and sources, the author has the great merit of having illuminated an important period in the local history of the Middle Ages.

Author Marco De Conti
Pages 175
Price € 12,00
Shipping + € 3,00

Osteria "Da Franco"

Osteria da Franco was born in 2013 in Osigo, a hamlet in the municipality of Fregona.
We only use high quality products.
Our kitchen is a laboratory in which ideas take shape, the raw materials are combined with the search for innovation while maintaining the sign of local and territorial tradition.
A team that commits time and care to the Guest with an attentive but non-invasive service.
The meeting of elements and passion make so that Osteria da Franco carries out a food and wine experience that is not confused but stands out.

Osteria "Da Franco"

Piazza Osigo, 1
31010 Fregona (TV)
Tel. 0438 950431
Facebook page: Osteria with cuisine by Franco

"Chies Milva" Osteria & cuisine

Among the hills of Fregona, this tavern built in the 1950s appears: since then the management has been handed down from one generation to the next. The courteous atmosphere will pamper you as if you were family. Rich and natural appetizers, first courses based on ragù or wild herbs, depending on availability, and voluminous and succulent second courses will stimulate your palate and lead you to ask for an encore. The house specialty is the spit, but there is no shortage of game such as the very welcome wild boar and the variations roe deer, deer, hare, fallow deer, donkey, rabbit, guinea fowl, duck... All in a pan with sauce! … We are waiting for you!

"Chies Milva" Osteria & cuisine

Via borgo Ciser, 40
31010 Fregona (TV)
Tel. 0438 585596
Facebook page: Osteria with Chies Milva cuisine

"Tappa Obbligatoria" Pizza & Restaurant

Pizzeria located in the splendid Piazza Cipriani where the majestic bell tower of Fregona stands, the Tappa Obligatoria pizzeria awaits you with its pizzas and various simple and genuine dishes.

"Tappa Obbligatoria" Pizza & Restaurant

  Piazza Cipriani, 1
31010 Fregona (TV)
Tel. 0438 1792378
Facebook page: Pizzeria Restaurant Tappa Obligatoria</ a>

"Da Nereo alle Grotte" Restaurant

A few steps from the suggestive Caglieron Caves you can find the new and characteristic restaurant "Alle Grotte Da Nereo".
From the renovation of an ancient mill, an ideal place has been created for your banquets, events, ceremonies, lunches for work and for your romantic dinners. In addition to the bright and spacious room, you can book the lovely stone room where under the central table flows the water that once moved the mill wheel, and in summer the terrace surrounded by greenery facing directly to the wooden bridges that lead to the caves.

Restaurant bar "Da Nereo alle Grotte"

Via Grotte Del Caglieron, 33
31010 Fregona (TV)
Tel. +39 0438 585493
Facebook page:  Grotte Restaurant

Osteria Restaurant “La Valassa”

The La Valassa tavern is located on the Cansiglio road one km before the Crosetta locality going up from Fregona. In his small and lively kitchen, the love for good food mixes with the traditions of his land, which is why he values the use of local products.
In Valassa, in fact, the two-grain ravioli stuffed with the cheese from the Caglieron Caves, a splendid place in the heart of Fregona. The kitchen then offers homemade gnocchi, tagliatelle and, according to creativity and season, soups and crepes; grilled meat and cheese, game, seasonal side dishes, desserts and biscuits exclusively made in this small and lively kitchen.
The tavern is closed on Mondays and is open every day for lunch and on weekend evenings. Contact us for clarifications or information and follow us on Facebook to be updated on our evenings.

Osteria “La Valassa” restaurant

Via Cansiglio 165,
31010 Fregona (TV)
Tel. 0434 77472
Mobile: +39 349 5009769
Facebook page: Ristorante Osteria “La Valassa”< /a>

Osteria Cal dei Cavai

The Osteria is located in a small village in Fregona, Borgo Piai, a few steps from the Caglieron Caves and near the Cansiglio forest. Among the specialties Antonella and Danilo offer the spit, grilled meat, game and local cured meats.

Osteria Cal dei Cavai

Via Borgo Piai 48/A,
31010 Fregona (TV)
Tel. 320.073414

Valbarè Farmhouse

In the heart of Veneto, halfway between Venice and the Dolomites, there are the hills. We chose them as our home, after many years of travel. We invite you to join us for an evening or a few days…
Valbarè offers you its nature. We bring good eating, good sleeping and, we hope, good sharing.

A farmhouse is, first of all, an agricultural company. Spread over 8 hectares of hilly land, ValBarè grows land products (potatoes, beans, corn...) and fruit (olives, figs, tomatoes...). We are never alone. Between goats, sheep, donkeys, chickens, turkeys, ducks, dogs, cats... there is always someone to talk to. The agritourism is an extension of the agricultural company. It is therefore a specific name (we are not B&B for example). We offer you food produced by us and by other small local producers. For those who stay with us, the experience of nature is guaranteed.


We have 6 large and bright rooms for 2 to 5 people. Each room, with bathroom, has Wi-Fi, an air conditioner,…
The Sambuco room is also suitable for people with reduced mobility. All rooms have access to a central kitchen reserved for guests. Furthermore, it is possible to book the entire structure (call us on +39 324 66 13 260)

Valbarè Farmhouse

via Case Fossa 32, 31010 Fregona (TV)
+39 324 66 13 260
Restaurant opening hours (reservations are recommended)
Friday (dinner): 7.00 pm – 11.00pm
Sunday (lunch): 12.00pm – 3.00pm

"Malga Filippon" Farm

The Fullin Daniele farm is immersed in the green pastures of Cansiglio and includes first of all the stable with dairy cows, beef heifers, pigs, chickens, laying hens and donkeys; and the Filippon farmhouse with healthy home cooking and 5 rooms with private bathroom. The business is family-run; being an agricultural and agritourism company, we pay a lot of attention to the cuisine, serving typical mountain dishes, mainly using genuine and organic products from our land and our animals and from other farms.
We are open every day from mid-June until mid-September, during the Christmas and Easter period; out of season on weekends. Reservation is required.
The dining room can accommodate up to 60 people, furthermore there are various tables outside, where it is possible to have a peaceful lunch with the children playing in our playground, a few steps from the pastures.
It is an ideal place, with ample parking, from which to go for walks, for mountain bike excursions or for a simple day of relaxation and tranquility with a convenient access ramp for the disabled.
/>We have enriched our service with 5 new rooms, each with its own private bathroom. In total, 16 beds are available.
We are ready to welcome you and help you spend your free time and holidays in the best possible way.

"Malga Filippon" Farm

Località Pian Cansiglio, 3
32010 Tambre (BL)
Tel. +39 3312674818
Facebook page: Malga Filippon</a >

Le Crode Farmhouse

Farmhouse located on Monte Pizzoc (after Rifugio city of Vittorio Veneto) with excellent snacks with cold cuts of our own production.

Le Crode Farmhouse

Via Monte Pizzoc
31010 Fregona (TV)
Tel. +39 345 258 8964
Facebook page: Agriturismo Le Crode

Malga Coro

Malga Coro, 1300 m above sea level, Cadolten locality, Cansiglio Forest.
Marked in the 1600 maps of the Serenissima, today it has the charm of the agritourism and agricultural company of Giuseppe Dell'Antonia's family.
Malga Coro has a kitchen that offers exclusively typical peasant dishes prepared with fresh and natural ingredients, three new bedrooms made of fir and pine wood.
In the mountain pasture period it is possible to visit the milking, the transformation of milk in cheeses, ricottas and yogurt and participate in educational farm activities.

Malga Coro

Via Cadolten, 1
31010 Fregona (TV)
Tel. +39 0438 581889
Mobile: +39 368 296403 – +39 346 3096361
Email: / Page Facebook: Malga Coro / Web: http:/ /

Rifugio “Città di Vittorio Veneto”

Location located on the top of Mount Pizzoc, at 1573 meters above sea level, where the outside offers a natural spectacle of colors and tranquility and inside the restaurant conquers visitors, with a vast assortment of dishes, depending on the in season, from local cured meats and Cansiglio cheeses, to fresh homemade pasta and game, ending with the
vast assortment of desserts proposed by the imagination and combination of local products.
There are 23 beds, showers, bathrooms equipped with hot water.

“Città di Vittorio Veneto” refuge

Monte Pizzoc, 35
31010 Fregona (TV)
Telephone: 0438 1642595
Mobile +39 393 4997212
Facebook page: Rifugio “Città di Vittorio Veneto”

Torchiato di Fregona DOCG – Cantina Produttori del Torchiato – Fregona

“Torchiato di Fregona DOCG” is a straw wine belonging to the “Colli di Conegliano” designation. Produced by the Cantina Produttori di Fregona, it is made with 3 types of grape varieties which are Glera, Verdiso and Boschera. The peculiarity of the lands in which these vines are located, in particular in the municipalities of Fregona, Sarmede and Cappella Maggiore, is that they are always well ventilated thanks to the air flows from the nearby mountains. This allows to combat various vine diseases and mould, permitting growers to reduce chemical treatments. It pairs perfectly with dry pastries but also with blue cheeses in general. It also goes well with foie gras. Excellent with desserts in general, but especially dry pasta.   Serving temperature: 14-15 °C  , Bottle: 0,375 lt.

for purchases

Boschera IGT Colli trevigiani - Cantina Produttori del Torchiato - Fregona

Boschera is a white wine produced from the native vine of the same name. The first productions of pure Boschera began to appear in 2003, thanks to the evolution of winemaking techniques and particular grape harvesting and processing techniques.
The Boschera is a white wine of a straw yellow color with green reflections, delicate, slightly tart, fruity with hints of unripe apple and aromas of almost unripe fresh fruit. Excellent as an aperitif wine, it accompanies sausages, light first courses, fresh cheeses and above all fish.

Serving temperature: 6-8 °C Bottle: 0.75 l

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Grappa di Torchiato - Cantina Produttori del Torchiato - Fregona

From the famous Torchiato di Fregona DOCG, the Cantina Produttori comes to create an extremely high quality product which is the Grappa di Torchiato. It is obtained from the pomace of the wine of the same name and, despite being dry, it expresses notes of softness and roundness that only a long drying of the grapes and therefore of the pomace from which it is obtained can give. Transparent and crystalline, it is intense on the nose, you can recognize fruity hints such as pear, apple and a touch of citrus fruit before moving on to floral hints and finally you can smell honey. On the palate it is very soft, fragrant, fine and decidedly persistent. There is a mix of fruit, notes of aromatic herbs and a hint of eucalyptus

Service: ambient or fresh, 0.5lt bottle,

40° alcohol content

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3ndy Prosecco DOC biologico - Az. Agricola Reghet - Fregona

At the foot of the Cansiglio plateau, the Reghet agricultural company was founded in 2016, dealing with viticulture and sheep breeding. One of their proposals is this excellent sparkling wine, in the Extra Dry and brut versions, born from modern technology at the service of the knowledge of ancient agricultural practices.
The Glera grapes, rigorously harvested by hand, ripen in lands rich in biodiversity, giving life to a harmonious and genuine wine, the authentic 'spirit' of our Earth.

  • Brut: it is the driest version therefore with a residual sugar of 7 g/L. You will feel it slightly more acidic in your mouth while maintaining a full flavor and its classic delicately fruity aroma. Ideal in combination with appetizers and risottos.
  • Extra Dry: more 'sweet' than Brut, with 14 g/L of sugar, rich in aromas such as pear and dog rose, it is ideal as an aperitif but also in combination with cheeses fresh.


Service 6 – 8th

0.75 bottle

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MOESIN - Caseificio Agricansiglio Soligo

Cheese with pasteurized whole cow's milk, with rennet coagulation, semi-cooked, semi-hard texture.

The shape is cylindrical with a straight edge on which the numbers indicating the day and month of production are imprinted.

Height approximately 7 cm, diameter between 30 and 33 cm and average weight of approximately 6 kg.

The rind is soft, smooth, thin, regular and elastic.

The natural paste, slightly straw-coloured, is soft, compact when cut, with few or no holes.

The scent is pleasant, the flavor is sweet and delicate.

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Grotta del Caglieron - Caseificio Agricansiglio Soligo

It arises from the bond between the breeder and his territory. The milk from the Cansiglio and Piadera plateaus, processed raw, without any heat treatment, is coagulated with the sole addition of lactic ferments and left to rest for more than two months in one of the natural caves of the "Caglieron Caves" complex. in the Municipality of Fregona (TV).

The milk comes from a selection of companies in the Cansiglio area and the Treviso Prealps (Piadera), qualified for the production of raw milk cheeses.

The rind is wrinkled, light brown in color with dark brown spots, semi-hard and elastic, inedible.

The natural paste, slightly straw-coloured, is soft, compact when cut, with few or no holes.

High intensity odor and aroma, with hints of cooked butter, citrus yogurt, mineral (stone) and damp wood.

Sweet, slightly acidic and slightly salty flavour.

To be consumed even before 60 days of maturation.

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Caciotta Fumo del Cansiglio - Latteria Agricansiglio Soligo

It is a whole cow's milk cheese with calf rennet and is consumed after 20 days of maturation.

The milk used for its production comes from selected stables in the mountain area and with controlled hygiene requirements, in order to guarantee the safety of the product without having to pasteurize it.

The flavor is sweet and delicate, with light hints of cooked butter, the rind is smooth and thin, the straw-coloured paste is semi-hard, with a few scattered holes.

The rind is amber coloured. The processing ends, after about 20 days, with a light smoking, obtained with beech wood.

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Fresh Ricotta - Latteria Agricansiglio Soligo

Ricotta is obtained from the whey from cheese processing, to which whole cow's milk and/or milk cream are added.

Truncated cone shape, weighing 300 g or 500 g.

Non-existent crust with basket-like surfaces.

Milk white, lumpy, inconsistent paste.

Low intensity odor and aroma, with hints of cooked milk and cream.

Sweet, slightly acidic and slightly salty flavour.

Clumpy, moist, deformable, slightly adhesive paste structure, with good solubility.

From a nutritional point of view it has a high biological value due to its richness in calcium, vitamins and proteins.

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Smoked Ricotta - Latteria Agricansiglio Soligo

White in texture, Ricotta has a delicate, sweet and buttery flavour. It undergoes natural smoking and is also excellent grated over pasta dishes.

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Honey - Az. Agricola Reghet – Fregona

The Reghet agricultural company hosts 12 families of bees in its vineyards, which contribute with their eager buzzing to the natural pollination of the plants and allow the production of excellent lime, wildflower, chestnut, acacia and dandelion honey

In 500 and 1000 g jars

for purchases

Gourmet snails - Az. Agricola Tomasi – Fregona

Raised in the open field with a complete natural cycle, they can be purchased from the company.

Tel. 349 1586966

Albergo – Ristorante – “Fratte”

The Fratte Hotel has a large car park and offers nr. 9 double rooms, 2 singles, 1 triple and 1 quadruple, all with independent bathroom, telephone, TV, free WI-FI connection and bathroom scales.
Breakfast is served as a buffet, with all genuine contents: cakes and biscuits are always prepared fresh by Carla while the cooking is followed directly by Gian Paolo who offers his specialty, game, as well as many traditional foothill dishes.
For the needs of sporting guests Gianpaolo prepares dietary and tasty dishes, using local products.

Hotel Restaurant Fratte by Antonioli Gian Paolo and Marino & C. snc

Via Fratte, 37
31010 Fregona (TV)
Tel. 0438 915005

Ca' Alle Grotte del Caglieron

It is a lovely attic apartment in a recently renovated single house, 500 meters from the beautiful Caglieron Caves.

The apartment has 4 beds, a large garden and an independent entrance. Close to the Piai hamlet, it is set in a valuable naturalistic context.
Via Cave del Caglieron - 31010 Fregona

Locazione turistica Al Mulino

The Al Mulino tourist location dates back to the late 1500s and early 1600s.
Recently renovated, it has retained its original charm.
The stones, stones and wood are the elements that characterize the Mill and the naturistic environment that surrounds it presents original aspects: the “Bordon” stream that crosses it; the waterfall which, with its plunge, provides an absolutely pleasant and relaxing soundtrack; the forest which gathers a vast range of flora and fauna typical of the Venetian Prealps and the spring water pool for those who love to cool off in the hot summers.
“Al Mulino” is the ideal place to spend moments of relaxation.
/>We offer 2 double rooms and one single with independent entrance directly from the garden, WIFI connection and private parking.
Breakfast with mainly organic products, vegan and celiac breakfasts.
On request yoga lessons or shiatsu treatments .

At the Mill

via Osigo, 18
31010 Fregona (TV)
Mobile +39 349 5305451
web: https: //

Azienda Agricola – Agribed- Malga Quierta

AgriBed Quierta was born from the renovation of the old stable inside the historic Malga in the municipality of Fregona, in 16 hectares of completely fenced pasture surrounded by the beech forest. Malga Cuierta (the malga is what remains of a fiefdom of the DACAUDAERTA family of Conegliano, hence the name. We are in around 1200, the DA CAMINO period).
These recovered buildings were used by the ancestors of the De Luca family ( of the Dorians) for transhumance: they went up on foot from Fregona in the third week of May, and returned in the third week of October.
In the building a dormitory with bathroom and two bedrooms, both with bathroom, were created.
Other services offered: Television, fridge in the room, car parking, wi-fi internet service and smart working on request, vegan breakfast.
Production of Cansiglio vegetables without the use of chemical treatments.
Production of polenta flour and gluten-free biscuits with ancient “Nostrano di Piadera” corn.

Malga Quierta Farm

Via Cansiglio, 179 - 32010 Fregona (Tv)
Telephone: 04381736412
mail:< br />web:

B & B – La Casa in Collina

Our B&B is on the hill, in Borgo Canalet n. 28, Sarmede, in a pristine environment. There are flowers, a vegetable garden, fruit trees and a stream that flows below, the Vespeda. All around you can see trees, mountains, cultivated countryside. Foxes, squirrels, badgers, blackbirds, woodpeckers and finches come to visit us. We have three double rooms with bathroom and third bed - all three with independent entrances - which are accessed from a large private terrace. We serve Italian breakfast. For long stays, a fully equipped kitchen is available to guests. Wi-fi and private parking are also available.

B&B La Casa in Collina

Borgo Canalet, 28 - 31026 Sarmede (TV)
Tel. +39 0438 959471 - Cell. +39 348 5279339

Azienda Agrituristica “Le Vignole”

The “Le Vignole” farm offers a complete accommodation service and has 4 apartments and 6 rooms. The structure is ideal for business stays, trade fairs or holidays.

The ACCOMMODATIONS, all independent and with kitchen, have large and livable spaces to accommodate up to five people, an optimal solution for families, extended stays or simply for those who want to feel at home even when they are far away. The ROOMS, more recently renovated, represent a variant of the accommodation offering a traditional accommodation service with overnight stay and breakfast service.

You will be welcomed by the flavors and aromas of the Venetian tradition and you will find Mrs. Valli and her daughter Silvia with the whole family, attentive to giving you the best advice on how to have fun or relax in the surrounding hills. The location, not far from the city center , becomes the ideal starting point for hiking, golf, mountain biking or horseback riding completely immersed in the colors and scents of nature, which can end with a visit to the farm.

Outdoor parking, free WiFi, independent air conditioning/heating, shared laundry and bicycles are available to everyone.

Le Vignole Farmhouse © 2014 by Società Agricola Francesco Grillo & C. s.s.

Strada dei Lavina 7, - 31016 Pinidello di Cordignano (TV)
Tel. +39 3334348966 – +39 3356661800
Facebook page : accommodation le vignole

Reghét Antica Gastaldia

At the foot of the Cansiglio plateau, Reghét was born, our farm, a small multifunctional reality that encompasses the modernity and traditions of our land. We passionately raise dairy and meat sheep, and grow vines for the production of organic wine, among which our hard-working bees stay in their hives. We love Nature and everything it offers, and we try to convey our passion to guests who will be able to share the experience of sheep farming with us thanks to the Educational Farm open to adults and children, and taste and possibly buy our products directly at the point company sale.
If they then want to stay for a slightly longer period to visit our beautiful area, we offer a brand new farmhouse accommodation. Created from an old stable, the painstaking renovation evidently wanted to maintain its main characteristics. A visual surprise for the guest who, by closing his eyes, will almost still be able to smell the hay in the tabià. The name Antica Gastaldia recalls the historical context in which it is inserted: an ancient village from the 1400s, where the Venetian lords loved to stay. To the north the mountain, to the south the sea, perfectly visible on the clearest days: it is in this small space of the world that our farmhouse is located, and we hope that, today as in the 1400s, the stay at the our new Antica Gastaldia may be to your liking. We are waiting for you.
The farmhouse accommodation is a completely independent two-room apartment with 4 beds, equipped with a bathroom with shower, hairdryer, kitchenette, fridge, washing machine, television, independent thermoregulation (heating and air conditioning), bedroom linen, bathroom linen, kitchen linen, crockery, pots and pans, wi-fi internet, garden and private outdoor car park with charging point for electric cars.

Ancient Gastaldia

Via Borgo Piazza 46, 31010 Fregona (TV)
Tel: +39 3476665976
E-mail:< /a>  -

Appartamento Madison

The Madison Apartment is a newly renovated accommodation, very bright and welcoming. This wonderful space has been furnished with care and love by Valentina and Michele who have decided to start a new adventure: the adventure of hospitality!
The Madison Apartment is located near the historic center of Serravalle in Vittorio Veneto, it is located on the second floor of a building and is equipped with multiple comfortable rooms for your holiday. The Apartment has two bedrooms: a double bedroom and a room with a bed with its second removable bed according to your needs. If the beds were not enough, in the open space living area, the sofa bed can give you further possibilities for comfort, all accompanied by wonderful light coming from two terraces oriented towards the mountains. The bathroom is completely renovated, you will find a large shower and a designer sink with lovely furnishing accessories coordinated with the rest of the apartment.

Madison Apartment

Via A. da Serravalle, 19 internal 8

31029 Vittorio Veneto

Valentina tel. 347.2175719

Michele tel. 347.1216079



Locazione Turistica Tenuta Castagnera

This is a recently renovated late nineteenth-century villa, composed of a large entrance hall with two lounges, 2 bedrooms on the first floor with shared bathroom, 1 bedroom on the second floor (attic) with bathroom, 1 kitchen and a large garden with veranda with fireplace.

The entire villa is currently rented out and therefore suitable for groups of people (8 beds)

Tenuta Castagnera Tourist Rental

+39 328 704 2764 (Andrea)
Saturdays and Sundays: +39 0434 77472 (Osteria La Valassa)
Colline di Corbanese in Via Castagnera Alta nr. 11

Chalet Angelo

Ideal for being immersed in nature, for relaxing, for walks, bike rides and excursions in the Cansiglio.

It is possible to organize outdoor barbecues or work smartworking.

Chalet Angelo is located 1 hour from the Zoldo ski slopes (Ski Civetta).

Chalet Angelo

address: Fregona

cell. +39 377 499 6343


Villa Marialuisa

Ideal for being immersed in nature, for relaxing, for walks, bike rides and excursions in the Cansiglio.

It is possible to organize outdoor barbecues or work smartworking.

Villa Marialuisa is located 1 hour from the Zoldo ski slopes (Ski Civetta).

Villa Marialuisa

address: Fregona

cell. +39 377 499 6343


Azienda Agricola e Casa Vacanze “Villa Salvador”

The villa, in a dominant position, offers a panorama overlooking the Cansiglio and the surrounding hills.

1 apartment   created inside Villa Salvador, a house dating back to 1700.

Surface area of 93 m2 on two floors: on the ground floor kitchen, living room and a small bathroom; on the first floor, 2 double bedrooms, 1 bedroom with a queen size bed and another bathroom. external garden and the portico/loggia located next to the villa.

“Villa Salvador” Farm and Holiday Home

Via Roncat, 14, 31010 Fregona 
cell. +39  339 153 5854  -  tel. +39 0438 581 079

Camping – “Riva D’Oro”

The campsite is open all year round, and is located on the north shore of Lake Revine (TV). At an altitude of 250 m. above sea level it extends for almost 10,000 m2. on the slopes of the Treviso Pre-Alps and offers exceptional panoramic views, immersed as it is in the quiet of the lake's fauna and flora, far from the frenetic noise of everyday life, a stone's throw from the main towns of the Veneto.
Fishing is practiced here. to pike, carp and largemouth. A flat path circles the lakes; on foot, on horseback or by bike, with a stop at the naturalistic, or archaeological - educational parks of Livelet.
Other mountain paths take you up to 1764 meters of Col Visentin, or hilly, less demanding ones among chestnut trees and vineyards. On foot you can also reach the Cison Castle, the Follina Abbey or the medieval center of Vittorio Veneto.

Camping RIVA D'ORO

Strada dei laghi,13 - loc. Santa Maria, 31020 Revine lago (TV)
Tel. 0438 929110 - Mobile. +39 349 461 8558 – +39 349 461 8559

Camping – “Al Lago”

The structure has an equipped area of approximately 25 thousand square meters which also includes a playground and a swimming pool, with an expansion program of a further 15 thousand square metres. At the moment there are 85 pitches built, in addition to the 14 mobile homes available, while in the next expansion there will be areas for campers and groups.

Camping at the Lake

Località Fratta, 89 - 31020 Tarzo (TV)
Tel. +39 0438 586891
Mobile. +39 349 461 8558 – +39 349 461 8559

Bar and Mountain cabin
"Fiore Sereno"

Homemade cuisine, grilled meat specialties.
Family-run restaurant with a spacious outdoor area.

Via Valsalega, 8, 31026 Sarmede TV

Caglieron (racconti brevi)

Short stories set among the Caglieron Caves.

Author Pier Franco Uliana
Pages 55
Price €8.00
Shipping + €3.00

Il Cansiglio - dal 1700 al 1797 -

The Cansiglio, also known as the Alpago Forest in the Belluno district, is considered one of the largest and most beautiful forests in Italy.
The author reconstructs the history in the last years of the Serenissima's rule, which made Cansiglio one of the main sources of timber, applying control policies that could be considered avant-garde for those times.

Author Franco Bastianon
Pages 799
Price Free offer
Shipping + €3.00

La Pieve di S. Maria di Fregona

"A book designed to leave a mark of the bicentennial (1797-1997) as a memory and warning for future generations. The significance of the 'Pieve,' which in the past boasted a jurisdiction much broader than today, is attested by a living tradition of faith and also by the works of art and precious furnishings it jealously preserves."

Father Terenzio Rusalen

Author Giorgio Mies, Giovanni Tomasi, Oscar de Zorzi, Pietro Zaros
Pages 173
Price €15.00
Shipping + €3.00

Piccole Storie del Cansiglio

Short stories that have always lived in tradition, narrated by the skillful voice of Vittorino Pianca and illustrated by Flavio Cortella, Donata Dal Molin, Monica Miceli, and Stepan Zavrel.

"but now yes, since all the old folks have passed away, it's truly all over, and every grave has consumed its pavement!"

Author Vittorino Pianca
Pages 139
Price €12.00
Shipping + €3.00

Santa Maria Assunta di Fregona, San Giorgio martire di Osigo, Santa Maria della Neve di Sonego

This brochure has been prepared with the intention of providing a simple overview of the documentary heritage of the parish archives of Fregona, Osigo, and Sonego.

The content of the book precisely narrates the history of the three parishes from the late 16th century onward.

Author Ecclesiastical Archives of the Diocese of Vittorio Veneto
Pages 79
Price Free offer
Shipping + €3.00

Hotel Restaurant “Alle Fratte”

A family-run restaurant where the warmth of family is truly felt? Hotel Restaurant Fratte!

The perfect ingredients to make this happen?

Plenty of passion and love for our work, combined with customer care and quality ingredients to bring traditional cuisine to the table.

For 70 years now, we have loved taking care of our customers, and making them feel like part of the Antonioli Family is our primary goal!

Whether it's a hot meal, a coffee, or a dessert, it will always be served with passion and dedication because we love what we do.

We look forward to welcoming you to our home!

Hotel Restaurant “Alle Fratte”

Address: Via Fratte 37, Fregona, Italy, 31010
Telephone: +39 0438 915005

B&B "San Martino"

Located in San Martino di Colle Umberto (TV), just 13 km from the Zoppas Arena and 29 km from the Pordenone Fiere, the B&B San Martino offers accommodations with a garden and free private parking for guests arriving by car.

The property is approximately 47 km from Treviso Central Station, 39 km from PalaVerde, and 45 km from Ca' dei Carraresi. The Municipal Stadium of Monigo is 46 km away from the bed and breakfast. The nearest airport is Treviso Airport, 54 km from the B&B San Martino.

The bed and breakfast features family rooms. Equipped with a private bathroom, the units at the bed and breakfast also offer free WiFi to guests.

B&B "San Martino"

Address: Via g. rossini 1, 31014 San Martino di Colle Umberto, Italia
Telephone: +39 351 3090395

B&B "Il Piccolo Principe" (The Little Prince)

The B&B offers spacious and comfortable rooms (Modern and Vintage have 37 square meters – Romantic has 25 square meters), where you can relax in a family-friendly environment, feeling right at home.

The B&B consists of a cozy attic area with exposed wooden beams, recently and finely renovated, featuring two large and modern spaces with spacious double bedrooms, comfortable bathrooms with a pleasant shower, and living areas with seating to ensure complete comfort.

On the first floor, adjacent to the breakfast-serving living room, you'll find the oldest and most classic room with a large bedroom complete with a double bed and sofa, a spacious bathroom in a stylish design, and a roomy hallway with a writing desk.

All our rooms are sanitized after each use with specific solutions and ozone sanitation.

B&B "Il Piccolo Principe" (The Little Prince)

Address: Via Caprera, 161 31029 Vittorio Veneto (TV)